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Submitted on
August 27, 2013


29 (who?)


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 27, 2013, 6:07 PM
EDIT: The three winners for the custom adopt raffle are:
#17, Yalarof
#16, citytown 
Congratulations to you three! Send me a note whenever it's convenient for you with what you would like your custom to be! If you're not really interested in a custom, you can also have the custom made for a friend or change the custom into a custom/alternate outfit ;w;

As for the art raffle, the winners are:
Congratulations to you three as well! You should also send me a note with a ref of the OC you would like drawn, and let me know which of the listed styles here you would like ;w; <33

Thank you to everyone who participated!

So recently I noticed we hit 500 family members :iconyaytigerplz:

To celebrate all of your awesomeness, the number of you that voted wanted a custom adopt raffle and an art raffle~

And since I'm a sick weirdo, I'll be doing both! :iconamgplz:
YES, you can enter for both!

All winners be chosen using random number generators.

SO, for those interested in the CUSTOM ADOPT RAFFLE:
Zuberi Obsidian (OC) by flarechess you remember this guy? Well I want a good name for him, but I'm totally stuck. I've gotten a good suggestion so far, but maybe you guys have more ideas?
- To enter, comment on this journal with at least ONE name suggestion.

There will be THREE winners.
You can choose between any of these bases for the custom:
Custom for Fuu-Ma~ by flarechess  Customs for Squagle~ by flarechess Custom for Chiffon-Tan~ by flarechess Yuu-Chans-Adopts Collab Auction [CLOSED] by flarechess  FlareKiwixy Collab Auction [CLOSED], AB added by flarechess  Random Auction, AB added [CLOSED] by flarechess 
Prompt Adopts Auction [CLOSED] by flarechessTiny Stress Set Auction [CLOSED] by flarechess 
If there's a base I haven't mentioned here but you KNOW I have it/or it's free, you can tell me to use that base too or I can do freehand, you know how I roll

For those interested in the ART RAFFLE:
+Fave this journal
For an extra entry/number, comment telling me your favorite thing(s) to draw/write! ;w; 

There will be THREE winners.

Each winner can choose between getting: 

1 fullbody of an OC
Art Trade with Yalarof~ by flarechess

1 chibi fullbody of an OC
Request for Psycho-Ryuu~ by flarechess
or 1 lineless chibi fullbody of an OC
Lineless for PrinceProcrastinate by flarechess
Each winner can only choose ONE of these options.

As a heads-up, I'm not comfortable practiced enough at drawing:
sorry :iconcraiplz:

So yeah, that's it.

Unless you're thinking about the Scavenger Hunt.
Now this part is a bit tricky because it wasn't as popular in the polls, but I like being evil nice, so I'm gonna do it anyways.

so somewhere in my gallery/on my profile/in my polls/in my scraps/etc, I have posted a comment with this icon: :iconshark-karuplz:
There is only one icon posted, not counting when nakaru-san posted it on my profile or the one in this journal. 
As a hint, the icon is placed on a deviation/place/journal/poll/scrap that was significant to me.

EDIT: wow you guys are fast, congrats to :iconanniehorror: on finding Karu! ;w; <33

The first person to note me the location (with the link!) of the icon wins:
- a free adopt card (n/a on collabs)
- 1 fullbody piece
- 2 lineless chibis
- 1 month premium membership

If you do not note me the link and instead comment with it, I will have to disqualify you ;-; so note me!

Good luck everyone! :heart:

Skin by Hinachuu (modified by flarechess)
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StrawberriCrab Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
How about Syril? 
Or maybe Tobias?

And my favorite things to draw right now are my ishfish and my babies i made to get me through the school day that I haven't posted yet
flarechess Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ooh Syril and Tobias are both equally cool names :iconwooowplz: how do you people come up with such rad names anyhow
whats an ishfish?? O: I wanna see these new babiesssssssss
StrawberriCrab Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

I got Syril from this AMAZING book I read, and Tobias is just a name I really love<3

Ishfish is the dumbdumb fishboy dummy I've been drawing lately :0

I'll post them soon, probably this weekend~

flarechess Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
you better post them :iconimadplz: I must see this fishboy jkaslf;jls;g
flarechess Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ISH IS SO PRECIOUS ;A; <33 he's so adorableeee...! I love his messy hair salutation
StrawberriCrab Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
hhhhhhthank you so much
I'm really in love  with him, 
and his hair is the best to draw because its almost impossible to draw wrong~
mi-ya-ka Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hnggg amg you're so nice to do this again asdfghjk
hehe i'd like to try joining for both!!
Ah for the custom adopt raffle!! although naming OCs is really not my strong point //throws names at you: :iconpandarunplz:

Leka - meaning "protector"

Warin - meaning "to be watchful"

Ziya/Zia - meaning "glow"

Blaine - meaning "little yellow one"

Alrick - meaning "all powerful"

Yang - meaning "sunlight"

aaand for the art raffle, i enjoy drawing OCs the most! My own or other people's OCs hehe it's just really fun! And weirdly specifically, i like drawing giant sleeves and baggy clothes, thigh high/knee high socks, belts and buckles, looonggg hair yes!, collarbones XD, Asian-influenced stuffs hngg to name a few :XD:

flarechess Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
baggy clothes and thigh-highs ftw Miya!! :icontuzkiloveplz:
I love looking at Asian-influenced styled clothing/designs but I personally have a hard time drawing them OTL

you mean to tell me that Blaine means the little yellow one?! XD All those years of battling a bald man in sunglasses on a volcano, and his name means the little yellow one...! I don't know if I'll ever escape this imagery :iconzoominplz:
mi-ya-ka Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
asdfghj YES haha i have a hard time drawing western-influenced clothing ;u; it might b cuz i'm Asian so i am around Asian things way too much :icontrollrollplz:

omg wut!!? haha sorry i dont know who you are talking about //fail OTL
although that is such an interesting image!
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